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Evening Classes

4:00-5:30: Tiny Company Jazz/Ballet *Audition Only*

4:30-5:30: TBA

5:30-6:30pm: ages 12 & Up Beginning Jazz

5:30-8:30pm: Senior & Petite Company Classes *Audition Only*

6:30-7:30pm: ages 8-11 Jazz & Hip Hop combo class



3:30-4:30pm: Ages 5-8 Tumbling

3:45-4:30pm: ages 2 & 3  Ballet/Jazz Combo

4:30-5:30pm: ages 3- 5 Ballet/Jazz Combo

4:30-5:30pm: ages 6 & 7 Ballet/Jazz Combo

5:30-8:30pm: Minis Company Classes *Audition Only*

5:30-8:30pm: Hot Shot Company Classes *Audition Only*



3:30-4:30pm: ages 7-9 Beginning Ballet

4:30-5:30pm: Company Tiny Hip Hop *Audition Only*

4:30-5:30pm: ages 3-5 Ballet/Jazz Combo

5:30-6:30pm: ages 6-8 Jazz combo class

5:30-6:30pm: Mini Company Classes *Audition Only*

6:30-7:30pm: ages 9-11 beginning ballet

6:30-7:30pm: ages 7-11 Co-Ed Hip Hop

7:30-8:30 ages 12 and up Co-Ed Hip Hop




4:30-5:30pm: ages 4-6 Co-Ed Hip Hop

4:30-7:30pm: Hot Shot Company Classes *Audition Only*

5:30-8:30pm: Petites Company Classes *Audition Only*

7:30-8:30pm: ages 12 & up Advanced Technique 


Class Descriptions

Ballet/Jazz Combo:

This class is for our younger/beginner dancers. This class teaches the fundamental technique of ballet and jazz through engaging exercises, songs, and games. This class increases flexibility, balance, motor skills, and musicality of young dancers.

Jazz Classes:

This class teaches technique and ballet fundamentals need to increase the skills of your dancer. Flexibility, muscle strength, and coordination are focused on in this class. Dancers in this class will learn combos and dances while incorporating their technique and flexibility.

Hip Hop: 

This class focuses on the hip hop style engaging fun and energetic music. Hip hop is known as a "street style" that concentrates on teaching dancers to move to the beat of the music. 


This class focuses on flexibility and physical strength needed for tumbling skills. Once that is accomplished varied tumbling skills are taught depending on the students skill level. We focus primarily on tumbling that will be used for cheer and dance. 

Company Classes:

These classes are audition based teams for dancers who want a more advanced ability and class schedule. They participate in competitions, conventions, and exclusive classes throughout the year. This is a great opportunity for dancers looking to improve and expand their dancing. We have company teams for ages 6-18. Please contact us if your interested in auditioning for these classes.